Throwback Thursday: Hamburg Live to Die Another Year

Throwback Thursday / June 2, 2016

So, let’s get some context here. Hamburg survived the 2013-14, after finishing 16th, by an away goal against Greuther Fuerth in the relegation playoffs, to remain as the only team to never go down from the Bundesliga. The next season, they really outdid themselves. After finishing 16th again, Hamburg were to face Karlsruhe in the 2014-15 relegation battle, a year ago this week.

The two teams each earned a goal in the first leg in Hamburg, with Karlsruhe taking the advantage home with them in the final match of the season. ¬†Karlsruhe’s Yabo grabbed the first of the match late into the second half, to give the home side even more hope of promotion.

Hope was dwindling for Der Dino, with less and less time to cook up some magic. Instead, they got take out. Marcelo Diaz, the Chilean, stepped up in the 91st and scored a beauty of afree kickk from just outside of the box, sending the match into extra time!

As the stamina lowered and intensity rose, both teams were closer to failure or success. The Karlsruhe faithful were behind their side the entire time, but it was no match for the black magic of Hamburg. In the 114th minute, Nicolai Muller grabbed the virtual winner as the home side would have needed two to grab the win due to away goals.

Just to rub that extra dry seat salt into the gaping wounds of Karlsruhe, Rene Adler saved the penalty that would have only been consolation for the home side. What a way to do it.

Hamburg survived this season, in much better shape, finishing 10th. Unfortunately for Karlsruhe, no promotion for them as they finished in a solid 7th place in the Bundesliga 2.

Simon Stuard
Social Media enthusiast, US Soccer lover/supporter, and somewhat avid BPL/Bundesliga follower.

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