Throwback Thursday: Arsenal Clinch the Title in 2004

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Let’s take this week’s stroll through history back to brighter days.

I say “brighter days” as an Arsenal fan who can barely stomach watching the Premier League every weekend. For the first time in my soccer-supporter life, Tottenham look like they will finish above Arsenal in the table.

Instead of complaining, though, let’s celebrate the beauty of the game. Tottenham have played some gorgeous soccer this year, so hats off to them.

However, that cannot erase history. And what’s more fun than a parallel between history and the modern day? (Answer: nothing!)

After Tottenham’s 1-1 tie to West Brom in their last match, Leicester City now only need to win one in their remaining three matches to clinch the title. As Manchester City’s 2012 title win showcased, the closing moments of the Premier League can be some of the most exciting on earth. And if Leicester have set any precedents for fans, it is to stay on your toes.

Like Manchester City in 2012, the moments of the season wrapping up are always memorable. For this Throwback Thursday, we are transported to White Hart Lane in 2004.

With Arsenal only a point away from clinching the title, they travelled to their most bitter rivals. The North London derby was poised to be historic from the start.

Arsenal got the first two goalsĀ thanks to Patrick Vieira & Robert Pires and they looked set. But Spurs weren’t dead yet, and they notched two goals in response through Jamie Redknapp, and a late penalty from Robbie Keane.

Arsenal saw the game out and ended one of the most historic seasons, giving us Arsene Wenger’s ‘Invincibles’.

Noah Toumert
The three loves in life are Cleveland, Algeria and soccer. Looking to bring the world's most beautiful game to the world's most beautiful country.

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