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Soccer Week in Review

Here’s a ripe invention from The First Eleven for you: the Soccer Week in Review. What’s it all about? Well you can’t spend every minute of your week in front of the screen watching the best of the world’s game. Especially with us being multiple hours behind Europe. How often can you get away with that extra browser in the background playing Champions League game on some sketchy website? Just a few times, trust us.

That’s where the Soccer Week in Review comes in. We collect the best from the week in soccer and consolidate into one post. It’s not just our own little tidbits either. We’ll find a YouTube post that actually works for each game.

BONUS: We have an additional category for you titles Soccer Clips. This will be those moments that don’t necessarily make it into the Soccer Week in Review. Maybe an incredible goal from the Portuguese Liga or a horrific own goal from the K-League. That will all be in our Soccer Clips.