Puch’s Hustle in the Copa Centenario Cannot Go Unnoticed

Play of the Week / June 23, 2016

Welcome back to another amazing edition of the Play of the Week. This space is usually reserved for jaw-dropping goals and intense match enders, but this week we need to take a moment to shed some light on another, less glorious part of the game we love.


Your team can carry the flair of a travelling group Croatian fans and still get blown out by a team that works hard. There is an indescribable mental and physical advantage that having players that will grind for their team, but it is a trait that often goes uncelebrated.

Well, no more.

In the Copa Centenario quarterfinals, a lively Mexican side meant a stacked Chilean squad. As fans following the Copa know, this match was anything but close. In a match that held reminiscent shades of Brazil-Germany, Chile embarrased Chicharito and the Mexican national team in a 7-0 rout.

However, 30 minutes in the Chileans were only up by one. After Vidal failed to control the ball at midfield it was picked up by the Mexicans and the break was on. However, Chile’s Edson Puch had some conflicting ideas.

He pulled an amazing run. Puch raced back and caught up to the play to stop the break away. No more words are really necessary, just watch the highlight and remember that at the end of the day hustle is everything.

Noah Toumert
The three loves in life are Cleveland, Algeria and soccer. Looking to bring the world's most beautiful game to the world's most beautiful country.

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