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Wayne Rooney's actions off the field have many applauding.

Rooney has a soft side to go along with his soft touch.


Welcome to The League Table, a new addition to our regularly scheduled content on The First Eleven. Here you can find a run down on some of the most popular soccer headlines from around the globe, including the good the bad and the ugly, and see how they stack up.

This inaugural edition of the League Table features a bitter breakup, a hopeful reunion and an autograph that will make you look twice. So sit back, relax and impress all of your friends with the latest gossip from the soccer world, courtesy of your friends at The First Eleven.


As is typical around the holidays, many professional athletes and sports teams alike are flooding the halls of hospitals hoping to spread a bit of holiday cheer. Wayne Rooney and Manchester United are no exception, but the English striker’s autograph for one young cancer patient will have you scratching your head, while she never washes hers.

According to Fox Soccer, twelve year old Charolette Jennings made the most of losing her hair as a result of her of her ongoing treatment for leukemia and presented her Premier League visitors with an usual request by having Wayne Rooney and other Man United players sign her head.

Usually signing a fan’s body will land a professional athlete in a world of trouble, but in this case thanks to Mr. Rooney this special girl was able to escape to the world of her dreams, even if just for a day. Well played, sir.


Sometimes leaving the safe shores of home can be hard, especially for budding American soccer talent. Just ask Brek Shea. After scoring a career high 11 goals for hometown club FC Dallas in 2013 he made the jump to Premier League side Stoke City.

Shea was never given a true shot with Stoke though and instead spent much of his time on loan with Barnsley and Birmingham City. Disappointed with his club rule and fading place in the national team, he made a move back home to MLS having recently joined expansion side Orlando City Soccer Club.

Brek’s natural athletic ability has never been in question out on the wings and Orlando’s established club culture could be just the enviroment needed for him to tke his career to new heights. Take a quick look a the video below and you’ll see why USMNT supporters have their fingers crossed.

Bitter Breakup

A brazilian lawyers sues Neymar over his move to Barca.

Is this guy serious?

A breakup is never easy and always messy. And when professional sports get involved, things can get ugly quick. Just ask Cleveland Cavaliers fans. But as Fox Soccer first reported, one Santos fan is giving bitter a whole new meaning by suing FC Barcelona’s Neymar for his move away from Santos.

Apparently a Brazilian lawyer and life long Santos supporter is suing the Brazilian striker for nearly ten thousand U.S dollars for “emotional damage” that came about from Neymar’s transatlantic move.

It seems silly to want anything less from your country’s superstars than for them to ply their trade in Europe’s top leagues, and highly questionable that a trained lawyer would think that this will actually hold up in court. Maybe this is all just some gold old fashioned jealousy, as Santos sits mid table in the Brazilian Serie A while Barca seem to be peaking at the right time in both La Liga and Champions League competitions.

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