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USA / November 18, 2016


We know you Americans are passionate about the world’s game. Now’s your chance to talk about it.

The United States of America is teeming with fervor for the world’s favorite game rivaling even my love of ice cream. And that passion for soccer, just like ice cream, comes in many different flavors. Millions wake up early every weekend to watch the European club they’ve pledged their allegiance to battle it out in local bars, home TVs, and crappy streams. Hundreds of thousands come out to support their local club, be it MLS, NWSL, NASL, or a local semi-pro/non-league team. We all debate the ins-and-outs of the game endlessly offline and online through platforms ranging from Twitter to Big Soccer forums.

However, in all this passion there’s a surprising lack of platforms to voice the myriad of thoughts we all have as fans. Maybe your local club has no coverage¬†or has a blog, but it’s missing the take you’re trying to hear. Maybe you have a uniquely American perspective on the Premier League that you can’t find online. Maybe you’re just sick of the only real publications consistently talking about soccer are Sports Illustrated, ESPNFC, or your favorite league’s website (MLS.com, NASL.com), and they never quite seem to hit the mark. Maybe you’ve just always wanted to voice any of your opinions on the best game in the world and never had a platform.

Well, from the group here at The First Eleven to your screen, we welcome you.

The First Eleven has long strived to be a voice for the American perspective on the global game, but it’s a hard feat to conquer with a limited number of contributors and time. There are only so many voices and perspectives we can possibly offer, and there’s no way we can touch every part of our beloved country.

So what we ask from you, passionate soccer fans of America, is to help us accomplish this goal.

If you’re interested in writing a profile, op-ed, roundup/recap or anything else pertaining to the great game of soccer email your interest to thefirstelevenusa@gmail.com.

Noah Toumert
The three loves in life are Cleveland, Algeria and soccer. Looking to bring the world's most beautiful game to the world's most beautiful country.

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