Disallowed goals are annoying

International / Play of the Week / May 10, 2016

This installment of the Play of the Week is less of a highlight and more of the most interesting clip produced all week.

We are at the advent of the modern footballing age. This is sometimes marked by egregious spending, talks of “Super Leagues” and, more universally, the introduction of goal-line technology. It’s the third in that list which we’re concerned with today.

This match would have benefited from a referee on the goal-line because, as the clip proves, video evidence wasn’t enough. And if I was Joe Noblet I would have been pissed.

This was the last match of the North West Counties League in the Premier Division. Ashton Athletic would secure seventh with a win while Squires Gate was locked in a five-way relegation battle and needed a win to stay afloat.

Our clip comes from the 71st minute when Joe Noblet launched a rocket from 40-yards out. His shot screamed of the left post, into the back of the net and then out back into the field.

Watch carefully.

As the players start going NUTS (and the goalie looks just as ashamed as he should), a player from each squad takes off running towards the ball. Obviously, the hadn’t watched the ball go in the back of the net.

But, just like the players, neither had the ref. The game continued while the Squires Gate players yelled at the ref. The goal was disallowed, and the game continued. Bullshit.

What’s so great about this clip is the angle. The groups of players were 40-yards away from the play so this camera provided the perfect view of just how badly Noblet and his team got duped.

Noah Toumert
The three loves in life are Cleveland, Algeria and soccer. Looking to bring the world's most beautiful game to the world's most beautiful country.

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